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Doug Wellington

Not to get too religious, but I suppose it would depend upon whether I was making an open source program or not. For open source, I would tend to lean towards Python, but for most of my development, I prefer Objective C. The work that I've already done has been in Objective C…

As for frameworks, were you talking about GUI building? For cross-platform GUI stuff, I've been using wxWidgets, but I'm thinking about trying FLTK. 'course, the guys I work with at the day job say I should just use QT…

In some of my wilder moments, I have actually considered creating a public web-based patch library with a locally-installed GUI/patch loader, using something like WebDAV. Honestly, the reason I haven't done that already is because I'm concerned about copyright. I would need to talk to a lawyer and write up some kind of license that users would agree to adhere to – some kind of Creative Commons thing…