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Firstly – please read the manual (several times) and, in general,  only create your own routings if none of the Factory Routings are suitable. What you show looks like it should work.


That´s it, it works like this and ONLY like this. If I put the S/PDIF 3 and 4 inputs on IN 3-8 and connect the following as it should work, nothing works.

Don't understand what you are asking here.


Also, I find it a little bit confusing, that when I use the Main Out (Analog), I have to choose MAIN OUT 1 and 2 at the AES Outputs, and when I choose Main Out (Digital) I have to use MAIN OUT 5 and 6 (as shown above) on the AES Outputs.

Again, the manual might be helpful here. Essentially you have 8 Main Outputs, of which 1-4 are hardwired to Analog out and 5-8 are hardwired to AES 1-4. Any other outputs must be fed from these Main Outputs. This is just the way the machine works, so there are no options here. Sorry.


I only get a delayed signal if I set the Main Out (Digital) 1 and 2 to S/PDIF 3 and 4 or when i set the AES Outputs 1 and 2 to S/PDIF.


Alas, don't understand the question. This may be another Main Outputs issue.