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despite my phd's and my civil engineering career and my musical studies and virtuosity i guess i am quite zero when it comes to sound engineering …. its maybe because i was too busy playing and that i had never invested in gear.

Any way a big thanks again for giving me a revelation and pointing me to the obvious. iI you can bear with my ignorance i would like to pose you some final questions related with this issue.

1. lets say that i want to mix left and right outputs of 7600 through sound blade and direct them to a clean head (ie. bad cat bc 50) then will i get a phasing sound ? (assuming i feed the 7600 with overdriven signal exactly as you directed me)

2.Should i follow your instructions for every module of the 7600 or only for those that need to be played 100% wet?

3.Does this apply for the clean sounds or i could use the parallel analog dry signal there?

4.I figured out two alternate signal routings for overdriven sounds:

4.1 gtr-preamp -wet7600-poweramp1-speakers1                                                                                    –                 dry-poweramp2(or head)-speakers2

4.2 feed the 7600 with clean gtr signal (before the preamp) and then mix it via the switchblade with my overdriven dry signal.

will they work?

i am starting to realize that i should not use my switchblade for mixing cause its impractical for the overdriven sounds so my second guess is that you use it for routing and alternating your signal path in order to use various sound sources. So dry wet rigs must be consisted of two different amp and speaker sections dedicated to each signal. As expensive and huge that might be i thing i can manage it with my 4.1 set up i described you (if it is approved by you ofcourse)

i realy appreciate your help