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In my case, I owned a Timefactor for the first time last November that I do not know exactly the version it was running but I do know the spillover was just introduced as being included in a update for it and it still just had 20 presets, I sold it because it was more complicated than I needed at the time. I have now bought a Timefactor again because I have more time to spend with it and this new one has the latest software installed it it. The spillover worked fine in the first Timefactor I owned but does not work well with the new one I just bought. I don't really understand the response from Eventide since it writes of another Eventide unit and not the Timefactor, I want the spillover to work when changing presets and when bypassed like my TC Electronic G Major does.  I really love the Timefactor so don't get me wrong but there may be something in this last software that has changed the way the spillover is working.