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Hi Nick,

thanks for the swift reply!

By granularize, I mean that I'd like to chop audio into small pieces (not exactly a granularization per se but that's the closest term that I could think of). Say you have the word "Eventide" being recorded into the sample memory. I'd like to have it chopped, for instance "e", "ven", "ti", "de", or something like that. So once the sampling process begins, I'd like to flush out the buffer periodically. You mentioned that the clear input trigger flushes out the current sample… that's too small a value in this case, no? Is it possible to flush it, for instance, every 0.5 seconds?

After that, it'd be nice if there was a way to change the order of the audio chops, i.e.: "ti", "e", "de", "ven"! Are there multiple buffers in the sample module?