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As for the presets, I'm only slightly more impressed than I've been with the presets on the other Factors. It's not that they're bad, but rather aren't all that useful without some tweaking. Every rig is different, though, and every player, so it's not like I think I could do a better job writing presets. I think the true power and versatility of any of the Factors didn't really become apparent until I started tweaking.

you are right, I think it is almost an imposible task to write presets that will please everyone…one person is into shredding….I am not….but then "Senor ShredyPants" would not be into "BadMelonFarmers" – "Whale mating ambient nonsense." LOL

The Presets on Space are really good, but I guess that it because reverb is less genre dependent as say a Harpegiator… also you need to play in a particular way to make things like arps sound ok.