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I'm not sure if it really matters if the TF transmits Clock on the same channel it receives PC because it's not transmitting PC, only Clock, and the MF could be set to receive Omni. So…

From experience MIDI Clock is not connected to MIDI Channels … MID clock is global (from my experience)

So it does not matter if you transmit or receive on channel 1 or 2 ..if set to listen for MIDI clock you will be in sync.

In my set up… The GCP sends "logically" MIDI PC to CH1(Axe-FX), CH2 (Eclipse), CH3 (Space).

But "physically" the setup it CGP> Eclipse>(MIDI MERGE)>Axe-FX>Space

The PC and CC source is supplied by the GCP to all of the devices and then the Eclipse supplies the MIDI Clock back into the MIDI Merge box and then onto the rest of the devices.