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Hai Russ, 

I just bough a Pitchfactor-harmonizer and have big problems with the diatonic mode. I'm very dissappointed 'cause it actually is the one thing I wanted it for! Had a rehersal yesterday and it made me look like a fool!

I read the threat above and it doesn;t seem  a small bug to me, the harmonizer just doesn't know what to do! it;s worthless as a harmonizer!!  It;s absolutely unreliable.

Is this problem acknowledge and will it be taken care of? Or shall I return the PF to the store?

Last but not least, it seems to be out of phase, when I set it up in a parrallel-loop setting, the sound gets very thin. It sounds like a phase-problem to me. I tried some thing with Killdry and Bypass modes, but I was pretty surprised in th e first place that this was a problem, is it because of the DSP?

Bye, Piet