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Hi Russ, 

It doesn't follow the scale like a harmonizer should. So far I experimented mostly with unison and 3rd up, and that 3rd is often off, not even in the scale .. I use it for single line playing, I know it won't respond properly to more notes at the same time. Of course I tried losts of things, tune my guitar in a spotless perfect pitch, play very carefull, used different cables … but it seems to get worse and worse …  I have an old Boss harmonizer for ten years now, because I couldn't affort a H3000 back then, but I know what I can expect from a harmonizer.

Learn-function does not learn, it sticks to a certain key and is glitchy by the look of it (shows weird letters in the screen sometimes). 

Saved programs do not remember the key they were programmed in (handy on stage!). same with tempo/delay (for the tempo I know about the global-setting and already experimented with that).

And the phase …. ? It's out of phase.

I hope I have been specific enough and I think I'm not the first one with these problems by the looks of it, so: Can you tell us if there will be an upgrade? and when? 

Thanx! Piet 

(excuse me for any poor english, it's not my first language)