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I installed the update and it was better, except for the learn function and (sometimes?) loading of presets. I'm afraid it's not a very reliable stompbox on stage. Quad-function sounds very thin … not 500 worth I think .. and for a stompbox I think switching between channels/presets is not very smooth, alway a sort of cut or dip in the fx, while I use FX-Bypass … the tail does not overlap switching from preset to preset and the 'loading' is always a bit late.

Last but not least, It's out of phase .. Eventide assured me that "that is nothing out of the ordinary", but after 20 years of playing guitar I 've never come a across a rackunit, pedal or stompbox that had latency or phase-problems .. 

I brought it back to the store .. thank God for the good service over there.

Keep up the good work Eventide! You're almost there! I'll get a Pitchfactor for sure once it is guitarist-proof ;-). For now, I'm looking around for an old H3000 for in my studio cause I really like the Eventide-sound!

byebye, Pete