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So far – further testing here….

Quadravox –

Set a new key using the learn button – save the preset, and the key is NOT remembered when recalling the preset, or even throttling the CV footpedal!

Tested this on 3 different custom Quadravox patches with the same result.  No learned key saved.

Also, didn't the learn button ALSO learn the chord at one time?  I would like to hold a simple 3-note Dmin. chord, and have it learn Dmin rather than just change i.e. GMaj to DMaj.  I realize that there a lot more modes and scales now, but I would like the presets to ALSO learn the actual chord.

Synthenizer –

I've tried two custom presets, and CANNOT get the synth to track the guitar all the time.  Sometimes it seems that the filter (or something) overpowers the synth to the point that I'm only able to hear guitar.

On some of the patches, it seems that the A/B mix is not even in volume output.

On the algos using A..B..C..D… it seems that the C and D do nothing (or are very weak in volume compared to A..B).

Still testing other algorithms…

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