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FIrst of all I appreciate you putting in a request for a chord-learning feature.

Shall I start a second thread for this request?

I think as a baseline – Build in ability to learn 3 or 4-note chords – with lowest note as tonic, would be a great start.  As an example, the TC Helicon Harmony GTX does a great job of tracking guitar chords (in parallel with voice)

Along with this I believe that if I learn a chord in pedal down position during performance, and learn another chord in pedal up position during performance, that for that session it should remember the LEARNED chords rather than the SAVED chords.  Is there a way to do this now?


Now, back to the issues –

Yes, I'm on V3.5.  Yes I wiped my old V2.3 presets and did a fresh upgrade.

Yes, I know Synthenizer is a mono effect, but I'm trying to determine if the BFLT is conflicting with the ASHP (or something).  I still lose some tracking periodically, where the synth drops out of the mix, but can't track down exactly in which circumstance – yet.

Quadrovox – I'm still on occasion having problems with it saving the learned chords – especially if at LEAST a Dmin is learned to change to G(min).  I'm hoping there is no conflict with pedal up/down commands changing in the background.  I usually just try to save a chord in full pedal up and/or down position.

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Also, is there any way to program pan for more spread in the stereo outputs?  Or is this just an A/B setup requirement?

Thanks again,


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