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Given To Fly

No, Steve Reich and I have no affiliation but I would like to meet him someday! As for recording Electric Counterpoint, I had big plans, especially for the TimeFactor, which  would allow me to play 1 part and have the delays replicate the other 2 or 3 related parts depending on which section I was recording. In the end though, I play every note of every part. Huh? It was also the piece that taught me how to record in general too. 

Thats really cool that the rack units get into the "phasing" aspects of Reich's music. Thats impressive! I personally I prefer the continuous interaction between the player and the delayed signal compared to a Looper but I think its simple "6 of 1 , half dozen of the other" when it comes to results. Also, a preset the replicates Reich's Phasing technique must one heck of a preset! Yes