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When I freeze a patch how come my signal becomes completely dry? Reduces the usefulness of freeze by a bunch. I use freeze function to create a pad underneath while phrasing. Sounds pretty bad to have a beautiful ambient wash underneath and then solo on top with a completely dry signal.

I think I mentioned this before but I can't find it here. Please make it a possibility to change the bypass switch to something else. I'm using the H9 with a three button footswitch which is set to increment and decrement and….hot switch…because I can't change the function of the bypass switch on the H9. Sure I could set the footswtich to bypass as well but then I would lose the hotswitch. It's very inconvenient to bank up and down on the footswitch but having to engage it with the H9 itself. Being able to have the hot switch and the tap tempo on the H9 unit would make so much more sense on my board.

I'm not been able to try out new algos I've demoed before. It's been over a week for me now.