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Nick, I got your Fedex info. I'm going to hold off on sending it to you for now as it looks like FAMC is narowing down on the issue.

Here is the latest:


Spoke to Jeff. He said what you want is the opposite of Zipper. It appears the Eventide can not process CC's fast enough and doesn't have its own anti-zipper. Seems odd. Solution- DO NOT use zipper. 

Jeff suggested a different idea- called partial zipper. He said he will program it in. This would send intermediate values, but spaced apart so the effects unit can grab it with space between values. 

Jeff said he believes that since the LF+ is so accurate w/ the pedal- it is capable of processing ALL pedal values. Most equipment are designed with midi buffer and zipper checks to handle this perfectly- which is why most equipment will work just right all the time. 

For devices with latency, or a device that makes MIDI a low priority in operation of unit, then perhaps it's too much to be real-time. So he can dumb it down. Its not good to be substandard, but perhaps this can help you. 

By nature, the LF+ will not allow zipper, it always reports real-time position, so we will add a little "extra" and call it Partial zipper. At least that is what Jeff said. 

That should help with the H9 device he is guessing. 

He said he would do exhaustive testing if Eventide sends him a test unit. He can study the issue and test various "types" of output to make it work perfect. Ask Eventide if they want to send him a timefactor or something. 

He said he would work with them with "sync" as well. Wow! He usually tells manufacturers who call him that he isn't interested at the time, so I guess he likes this particular company. 

If you guys could send them a box that would be great. If not, I can send my Pitchfactor but I think they should get an H9 for testing as well.

It is truely a great thing to have these two companies working together like this!