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More like FM + filter modulation, disguised as distortion.  I stumbled onto this configuration, and it’s turning out to be versatile as a “multi-effects” unit.  With a few adjustments to the parameter settings, this preset will morph into flanger, filter, wah, delay, ring mod, and resonator FX. Not the standard-issue types of these effects, but some unique variations on those themes.




Expression Pedal Heel:  DELAY B = 0 ms.

Expression Pedal Heel:  MOD DEPTH = 10


Expression Pedal Toe:   DELAY B = 50 ms.

Expression Pedal Toe:    MOD DEPTH = 2



WET MIX:  Tone down the extreme distortion with some dry signal.

DELAY A & DELAY B:  Something strange goes on here.  DELAY A seems to be the “distorter”.  DELAY B can exhibit distorted echoes found in DELAY A.  But the reverse isn’t true.  It reverts to filter action.

FEEDBACK:  Everything from regenerated repeats to resonators to small ‘verbs to “slide whistle” effects (at settings above 100).

SLUR:  Great in conjunction with higher FEEDBACK settings.

MOD SHAPE:  More high frequency sidebands created going from SQUARE – TRIANGLE – SINE.

MOD DEPTH:  Reverse wah effects with decreasing depth of the filter modulation.

FILTER: An additional “mix” control over the distortion.