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Man ….. I ABSOLUTELY REGRET the day I bought this 4000 piece of junk !!!

No support , the manual , at best ; is vague _ and just because the thing is 20

years old now , dosnt mean user’s of this product should be ‘punished’ for keeping

it so long !!


Ive had a 4000 for about 8 years now , and it’s really been a nightmare for ANY kind

of support , softwares , ect. _ And I think EVERYONE should take a long hard look

before buying ANY Eventide product.  Because once it become’s a little ‘antiquated’ ,



I almost fell into the trap of buying ‘other’ software & hardware items from Eventide

a few times , but then I came to my senses and realized ….. I’ll just get caught up in

the same trap as that equipment gets any age to it at all !!


Just look thru the forums , and you’ll see Im correct !!


Ive just went ahead not a few days ago and purchased my first   TC-Helicon LIVE Rack.

WOW , WOW , WOW ! ! ! !

And the support , the manuals , the forum are just Gold !! You can even call them “And they will

even pickup the phone and speak with you in depth about any issue’s you may be having !!

And …. ‘NO’ , Im not some panted sales person from TC’s company. Im just a multi-trk recording

engineer / (for the last 37 years now); Whom has become very FRUSTRATED with this Eventide company !!


Anyway , Im sure my account to log in , will surely be deleted. But no matter ; it’ll still be the same way it

is now …..  USELESS !!


Z3RO /  0on3.wordpress.com