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gkellum wrote:

You mean this error, “H9 Control[3366]: Failed to connect (mPasskeyDisplay) outlet from (IOBluetoothDevicePairViewController) to (IOBluetoothPasskeyDisplay): missing setter or instance variable?”  

Unfortunately, that error has been happening inside the compiled code of the Cocoa class IOBluetoothDeviceSelectorController since Yosemite.  There’s nothing we can do about that.  I made a post about this on Apple’s developer forums, but I never heard anything back about it.  But I also don’t think that it’s the cause of any connectivity issues as many people have been able to connect to their H9s via Bluetooth on Yosemite without any problems.

Yeah, that looks about right. Is there anything in your code that’s expecting BTLE? I’m running a Late-2011 MBP, so I don’t have a BT 4.0 chip yet. I know I have several other apps that I simply can’t use because of that limitation. FWIW, I never have trouble connecting to the H9’s via BT from my iPhone 6. Only the MBP.