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Emanuele Sereni wrote:

I am a happy owner of two H9, licensed Max.

I immediately made a update to test the new algorithm Crushstation.

Very nice I have to say, but I'm afraid that at the moment there are bugs.

When I lower the volume knob (about half) and when pinch the strings gently H9 fails to capture ALL the notes you play, but only some.

In the same way with these settings when play a long note the decay of the sound is not gradual, but passes from 100% to 0% immediately

Load a small video


Others of you have experienced this problem?



Is the Sag parameter turned up?  This can act like a Gate. You can just turn it down if so.  Also, if the Gate is ON and your guitar signal is somewhat quiet this could happen.  Either turn the Gate OFF or increase the Input Gain into the H9.  

Do either of those suggestions help?