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Yes, the H9 has a solid sounding Wah algo that works every well with an expression pedal.  It takes a bit of tweaking but you’ll find some cool combinations of settings that can emulate a lot of the wahs out there.  I use 1 of my H9 with the Pre/Post function so that I can use the wah before my distortion and switch to an algo with Chorus to go after the distortion.  

Works flawlessly and with some of the new features with the recent upgrade, if you set up your H9 properly, you can have 1 expression pedal have multiple functions 1 at a time.  i.e. wah, whammy wah, volume control and expression controls for delays, reverb and modulation effects can be handled with 1 pedal vs. having 3 large “expression” pedals for wah, volume and regular expression.  I only use 1 at a time anyways so this works out well.  However, I do use a large midi controller with multiple presets that are set up so that i can pull up sounds on the fly vs. accessing a dedicated wah, volume, etc.  Again, this takes time to set up but if you’re patient and open to doing some planning and programming, this might be an option for some guitarist.