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anibalresendez wrote:
My M2 goes from 0 to 96 , 97 Maybe is the cable, Im gonna try a different one and ley you know

You should try recalibrating the expression pedal.  If an expression pedal sends a single uncharacteristically high value that can throw off the calibration and make it impossible to sweep from 0 – 100.  In H9 Control if you click on the Pedal button in the bottom tab bar and go into General Settings / Pedal Calibration, you'll want to toggle pedal calibration from on to off to make it forget the current calibration.  Then you'll want to turn pedal calibration on again and sweep the pedal from the min to the max value.  You should see it the go from 0 – 100.  Then, you should turn of pedal calibration again to lock out any further changes to the calibration.