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DGillespie wrote:

Hi joyof60,

Try just remove the 32 bit plug-in entirely.  If it’s loading in 64 bit Sonar, it will be through a bridge which tend to be trouble.  The 64 bit plug-in should work, and is the one you want to use.  If it’s not scanning, it might be because the 32 bit one is.





I’m experiencing the same issue with Reaper x64.

It seems like Ultrachannel is working only at the x32 version.

when Reaper detect also the x64, Ultrachannel is not working at all. when I take the x64 dll out, it works.

same with Pro Tools and Mixcraft.


anyway, maybe it’s a windows 10 issue, but I don’t think so…

try to make this work fully x64 with Reaper.