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Great options that will really add something, was just considering getting a cheapo reverb for before distortion but this will be so much better.

Updated to the beta version. It seems there might be some sonic improvements too, but that could be my imagination. I made a post a while ago about the space turning to white noise oscillation when driven too hard, it seems fixed, but i’m playing around with new sounds. Either way, i could now put it in ‘pre’ mode before the problematic effects.

Some weird noises when changing patches…actually pretty unique/cool, however its definately not ‘spill’ weird pitchshifters are coming out the woodwork and things.

Also had some glitch selecting the router options, it would start changing ‘mix’ and ‘hi level’, i then changed preset and it wouldn’t do it, i was on the stock hall before loading presets back in. It actually was labelled ‘wet mix’ or something (can’t remember) and wouldn’t change, not just normal mix.

Just a suggestion for routing options…if you are taking them, this is great already of course:

-if all these were on a single mode this would be an improvement, OR a ‘mono’ mode on the wet/dry. You could select wet/dry as one, then pre on the next will be a ‘normal’ mono setup. This would allow parallel effects, going into a second stereo where its summed to mono.