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According to this thread…


…PC 124 will put the H9 into tuner mode.

In that thread, Nickrose posted that “This is something that people asked for. It will be documented in the next revision of the User Manual. The slot is unlikely to change.”

He later posted that “the 124 is a default entry in the MIDImap – you can always change it to something else if you need to use this specific PC number.”

This could be interpreted two ways:

1) PC 124 can be assigned to something other than activating tuner mode.

2) Tuner mode can be assigned to other PC numbers.

This is somewhat ambiguous, currently undocumented, and appears to contradict what gkellum is saying.

Could we have some clarification please? It appears there are many of us who would like the ability to activate tuner mode via a user-specified PC number.

Many thanks in advance!