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This pedal is not small (maybe 15% longer in the treadle, and 20% longer than an EV-5 overall).  But … wow.  The Ferrari of Expression Pedals.  Rock-solid, deep implementation, and some nice extra touches.  There’s far too much here to review without a dedicated thread, but I could write a short novel on the “Time Modulation” possibilities alone.

It worked quite well with an H9 out of the box (default DIP switch positions – not the “recommended for Eventide” setup).  The exponential / audio taper position seems to work best for return-to-zero accuracy.  Linear taper misses zero by a few percentage points.  But then there’s those LFOs …


I did perform a pedal calibration on the Reflex first, followed by a General Settings -> Pedal Calibration toggling in the H9.  I believe that’s going to be a given whenever swapping it out among different pedals.  I’ve only had it a few hours, so perhaps this can be compensated using stored pedal presets.

Connecting the Reflex to my PitchFactor is another story.  I’m trying out different combinations of calibration, taper, DIP switch settings, TS / TRS cables, and 10K / 50K outputs.  And I don’t seem to be alone in this:


The bottom line with the PitchFactor here is a shortened range of values (on the heel side).  I can’t seem to calibrate that out.  But this is all in the haphazard experimentation phase.  I’ll report back after I’ve run through a more logical process of elimination.