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baloo wrote:

Hi all,

New eventide space player here..

So I just joined the Dropbox group that has a bunch of presets — I have not been able to go through all of them, but I figure I'd post here to help get some direction on making my own presets.  Programming a nice shimmer is my first goal I set for myself.  Right now I am as new as its gets when it comes to programming reverb, so if anybody has any reading materials or can help point me in the right direction that would be great.  Some of the shimmers that I really like are Polara's lexicon shimmer as well as this Brian Eno's Prophecy Theme from Dune.  I imagine the programmers at eventide made the space capable of getting these sounds, it just may be a challange for a rookie.  Any thoughts?


I find that turning the Mid Decay down, or all the way down, and turning the delay up approaches some of these smoother Eno sounds.  The mids add an organ like character that creates a dense shimmer, but it's not quite a smooth.  Adding some time (i.e. delay) between the reverb tails and the pitchshifters also give the Shimmer some room to breathe a bit.  You can also turn the Pitch Decay up to make draw out the shimmer rise and fall.