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NR, thanks for pitching in !

For example my Nova’s tuner is useless with bass but that was a pleasant surprise it wasn’t the case w/ the Pitch’s tuner, when i bought it it was a feature i tried right away & it worked flawlessly : no problem whatsoever all the way down to my open E string & SO precise, the tracking on this thing is SUPERB !                                

I do have bass as selected source instrument, have tried it just now in play mode & had no issues tuning, all good.. However in bank mode it still won’t & going down to 124 on the M.Mouse it still just shows the word TUNER !                                      

Now to be honest, i’ve realised when i tried setting the Pitch in Play Mode, tune the bass then move back to Bank Mode & play the bass ( 1 click to change Modes + 1 click on 2 buttons enter Tuner + 1 back to Bank Mode.. )  that it was more effort clicking down on the MIDI Mouse from nº1 down to 124 ( 5 clicks in total.. )  my real hope was to be able to set the Pitch’s tuner from slot 124 up to nº 128, right below nº1 & then yes, that would be a simple yet polished way to tune :                                                         1 click down, tune, 1 click up to patch nº1 & play. 

If this is  a capability of the pedal, i would really appreciate you guys keep helping me sorting whatever is stopping it from doing so but if it would have to stay at 124, i can perfectly live w/ accessing the tuner by going into Play Mode & then back, no problem..