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Thanks. Pardon the novice questions but I’m new to the H8000FW. smiley  There are also some other presets I have a question about. Particularly the Black Hole preset. If I plug in a clean electric guitar and play chords, I start to get digital distortion, like fuzz, when the input signal gets to four or five green LEDs, well below the yellow. I wonder if someone could confirm that this is just the way the algorithm is. I suspect it is because when I do a bypass (DSP) on the H8000FW, there is no distortion at the same level. Some other reverb presets are the same way but less. And all other presets are fine. I guess it should be obvious that it can’t be a problem with my particular unit because hardware problems would apply to all presets, and software either works or it doesn’t. But I just feel better getting some confirmation. I don’t know what to expect from the H8000FW.