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That’s an amazing unit.  From a quick scan of the manual, you could take this about as deep as you want to go.

airplant wrote:

… But with HarPeggiator patterns need to get the same “one” (first note) as the Analog Rytm. Pitchfactor is in time but blinks “offbeat”.

So here´s my question: Does this have something to do with start/ stop message?

And if so can Pitchfactor handle these messages? The Drummachine supposed to send out such.

I wouldn’t put much faith in exact visual sync between units + tempo LEDs.  Unsynchronized patterns are an issue, though.

Start / Stop for the HarPeggiator has been a feature request in the past.  I’ve seen one report that it’s already been implemented.  I’d have to re-test that myself to confirm (it didn’t work in the past).  If the Analog Rytm sends those messages, and the HarPeggiator does receive them, that would easily solve your problem.

I do know that Start / Stop is supported in the Looper algorithm.

airplant wrote:

Will otherwise an external clock generator be neccessary/ better? And which one would you than recommend?

I would think that you already have one of the more stable MIDI clock sources.  Even vintage drum machines outperform most commonly available clocks.

airplant wrote:

… Here are my settings just in case I´ve missed something:

Software: 5.2.0

Global Tempo: Off

Midi Clock In: On

Midi Filter: On

Midi Recieve Channel: Off

I don’t think you need the MIDI Filter ON for this setup (try OFF and recheck for ‘latency’ improvements).  MIDI Clock is channel-independent, but you will need to select a MIDI Receive Channel for the workaround that follows:

To ‘re-sync’ my HarPeggiator patterns, I’ll send a CC message [any CC number, CC value 64 to 127] to the FLEX switch.  Set it up in the PF system settings:  MIDI -> RCV CTL -> FLX.  Another right-click allows you to LEARN the CC sent by the drum machine.

The Analog Rytm can send CC (or NRPN) from any number of control types.  At the start of a track, pattern, or with a performance trigger or pad, you should be able to RESTART the HarPeggiator sequences externally from the drum machine.