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airplant wrote:

… Maybe you could give a quick note if you´ve checked out the start/stop implementation.

I just tested all this in isolation, using (what I believe to be) the latest software.  I pulled my PitchFactor and H9 from the ‘board, then sent Start / Stop from a vintage drum machine, as well as a couple MIDI controller devices.  The Harpeggiator patterns didn’t RESTART, but the H9 Looper algo responded as designed.

Here’s the reference post that I was alluding to:  http://www.eventideaudio.com/comment/24646#comment-24646  It may / may not be still under development, and slated for a later release.  That would sync up Harpeggiator patterns with your Analog Rytm when you hit the transport.

You may only have to send the CC message workaround for RESTART at the time you hit Play.  It could hold a stable sync from that point on.  (I’m not very familiar with your drum machine.)  Worst case, you’d have to send it at the start of every 2-bar pattern from the drum sequencer, but only if it drifts enough to become a problem.  I might be able to help with the general mechanics.  Let me know how this works out.