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gkellum wrote:

workingtitle wrote:

Will there be an improvement? Maybe an option to disable lookahead in the compressor?

Hey guys.  My colleague, Russ, who worked on this algorithm just had a baby and is out for paternity leave.  I'll ask him to take a look at this thread when he gets back.  


Hi guys, 


I actually picked up this algorithm from another guy who no longer works at Eventide.  I was reluctant to change it b/c he had to leave so close to its release.  The compressor(s) were implemented as look-ahead compressors, I think to deal with some transient handling and/or clipping issues.  I've never liked the latency either, I can take away the look ahead delays and see if it drastically changes the sound or causes undo clipping. Even so, it might be worth the trade-off.  What do you guys think?