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Folks- sorry to be a pain but I am almost there. I have tried every combination possible. anyway, long story short, using a TRS to TRS I have managed to re calibrate the h9. The trim pot on the side of my expression pedal needs to be rotated fully anti clockwise. So now that is 50% mission accomplished. Heel down is zero, toe down is 100. So far so good.

Swapping cables with the same calibration to 2 mono jacks into one TRS almost gets me there again. The aux switch successfully allows me to toggle down patches but the pedal has now changed to 0-100-0 settings, so max value is mid point in the range.

At this point I am faced with 2 choices- use a TRS to TRS and forget using the aux switch which is a pain- I really wanted to make it easy for gigs but this option allows me to have a properly calibrated expression pedal. Or using the second cable I can use the aux switch but put up with the 0-100-0 sweep.

Any further suggestions would be welcome.

My only other thought is whether I could ‘fool’ the h9 by swapping the mono jack currently on there and replacing it with a TRS jack- but obviously only soldering the tip and either the ring or the sleeve. This might get me the 0-100 sweep in scenario 1 above but allow the use of the aux switch. I am no electrical expert here so your help is greatly appreciated