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Home Forums Products Stompboxes any true stereo delay algos on H9? Reply To: any true stereo delay algos on H9?

Eventide Staff
nihad wrote:

tested all of the delay algos and it seams that even in a true stereo configuration (2 in 2 out) there is always a certain amount of signal from the opposite channel in either of the two taps .. 

tried connecting 2in 2out and sending to only L or R and the delayed audio always had some audio present in the opposite channel as well


am i doing something wrong here? if this is true, can we get a true dual mono delay algo in the future?


Hi nihad,

All the delay algorithms (excepting FilterPong) should be true dual mono *when* the Delay Mix knob is at 12 o'clock (A10B10).  This is because as you turn it towards all A or all B that delay will move to fill both channels so you don't just have 1 channel on the left and nothing on the right.