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Works like a charm, Russell.  Many, many thanks on following through with this.  And in the middle of – I imagine – one of the busier workdays at Eventide.  Just to confirm:  The HarPeggiator is keying off Start messages (plus MIDI Clock), and ignoring Continue / Stop messages.  Don’t get me wrong – that implementation makes perfect sense within the context of the HarPeggiator sequencing.  I’m basing that assumption off an ancient drum machine as the master control device.

I ran into an interesting situation using a master keyboard controller.  [DAW testing, plus a few other controllers, will be next on the list.]  The AKAI Max49 has its own onboard sequencers.  It won’t generate MIDI Clock until the Play button is engaged in the Transport (also sends a Start message).  Hitting Stop sends … a Stop message, and disengages the MIDI Clock [no more F8].  That will also stop the HarPeggiator sequence in its tracks (logical behavior).

Now if the MIDI Clock stops in a ‘silent’ point in a Harpeggiator sequence, that might leave you scratching your head as to what happened.  But when it stops during an audible step in the sequence … new FX possibilities!  A pitch-shifted tremolo at the current length, envelope, tempo with ‘frozen’ multi-effects.  Press Play (Start) again, and the sequence restarts.

I happen to think this is very cool; a found sound, happy accident.  But if it causes any headaches later on, I thought it best to bring it up here.  Unconfirmed, but I’m thinking ahead to how the HarPeggiator will react under various DAW packages.