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I haven’t had issues with updating in the past. I’ve tried several times to update my H9 Max and H9 Core with my iPhone and H9 Control via Bluetooth. The phone connects to the pedal (one at a time) just like it should, and on H9 Control I selected the 5.3.0[4] version, just like it suggested. Then the H9 begins to blink, one light/character at a time just like it should, and goes into ERASE mode to clear the flash. At that point, nothing more happens other than that after a while, H9 Control says something like the maximum time or number of tries is passed, and that the pedal isn’t communicating anymore, or the likes. This happens with both pedals (which both have the 5.2.0 software), and when I try this with my iPhone or my iPad (with iOS 9.2.1). Tried for three days, with no luck.

I’m currently updating the H9s via USB cable to my MacBook Pro, and it seems to work perfectly. But the Bluetooth way it certainly didn’t, I’m afraid. A bit unconvenient, but no worry. Wanted to let Eventide know of this, if it’s an issue of some sort.