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nickrose wrote:

SkyWriter wrote:
I would love to see multiple H9’s on USB. Having all five on the same iPad would simplify things immeasurably for me.

Sorry – unlikely. Because the H9 does not have a USB host connector (way beyond its capabilities), you cannot daisy chain them. Also, because of hardware restrictions, you cannot come in USB and go out DIN MIDI. 

You probably could come in DIN MIDI and go out DIN MIDI, but this would require a DIN MIDI adaptor for your iPad, and, we have not tested this witth multiple units.


Well, Nick, however much I like the H9, and the all the other Eventide products I have; H3000, GTR4000, H8000FW – it’s not clear at all to me why a maximum of 5 per account was set at all. The only way I’ve been able to use all 5 is with 2 iPad’s and I’m sorry to say it’s not a solution I would recommend to anyone. 3 Seems to the be optimal limit – assuming you don’t have a 64bit iPad that supports even fewer H9’s. When you spec a limit of 5, the expectation is you should be able to use all 5 – clearly the limitation falls with Apple, but when you guys are as in the dark as we are, it doesn’t reflect well on you.