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Thank you so much, the problem is finally clear. I have not a clue what any ioapple gestures are. The long-press and flashing hotswitch note in the H9 Control Manual is so cryptic and incomplete that it is essentially meaningless without calling out “This is meaningless to Windows PC users who will need to keep hunting for what works”! The only thing that matters to me and the vast majority of people is what works in a Windows PC environment. It took several tries, but if you place your mouse cursor over the Hotswitch button in H9 for an undeterminate amount of time, sometimes it will get the Hotswitch button to start flashing – I have never been able to get that to occur before – and make it possible to change and save Hotswitch settings.

So, better, much more clear documentation of this function for Windows PC users would have solved this problem for me and numerous users many months ago. I can only assume that many users had simply given up on the Hotswitch feature as I had. (I have had numerous users ask me for help getting this feature to work who could not get it from the documentation.)

The most important functional question remains: how to create new Hotswitch mappings to previously unassigned parameter knobs? Surely the only logical way would be by right clicking on a parameter knob and clicking on MAP TO HOTSWITCH just exactly the same as MAP/UNMAP TO EXP PEDAL, MAP TO X Y Z SWITCH, etc.?