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After reviewing all the information posted here and elsewhere the problem seems to lie in what I said previously “Windows PC version please, no use for iphone or mac formats. Perhaps it is something lost in translation from an apple based system to windows?” This seems to be precisely the problem is that the Hotswitch mapping function and its documentation were based solely on ioapple protocols and failed to consider the fact that the vast majority of computer owners and users are Windows PC based. “Long-press” means nothing to Windows PC users. Right clicking on the Hotswitch or parameter knobs does nothing, although it should as a proper function within a Windows app. For instance, it only makes sense that right clicking on a parameter knob would bring down the context sub-menu for MAP TO EXP PEDAL, but it does nothing instead requiring a double click (which is not standard Windows protocal to get a sub-menu, right-clicking is). So, it appears that this is actually an issue of poor Windows operating system support and documentation that has been mistaken for a control app issue for months, actually a couple of years, by numerous users. Neglect Windows and favor ioapple at your peril.