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TLongabaugh wrote:

Hi Jorg-

We did remove the glide setting that used to exist in the TDM version, but frankly we didn’t think it sounded very good, and was confusingly named. Additionally, it cluttered the GUI a bit much. If you (and/or others) think it’s useful, we could look at adding it back in as a “hidden” control.



Hi Tom,

i would be super thankful for that hidden option! I would also like to ask if it would be possible, to avoid interval switches by interpolating vibratos and bends to the appropriate interval of the scale. So if i bend from B to C in CMajor and the harmonizer is doing a 2nd, that it would smoothly interpolate that bend to a whole tone from C to D? 

For makinging slowly chnanging pads with the octavox (like my beloved players eivind aarset or nils petter molvaer) that would be a great help!

I hope you can see that i ask this nerdy questions cause i really love this plugin 🙂 i cant remember since when i got so inspired by a new fx!!!