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jmmp wrote:

I did not have any errors getting the database using 1.53. I’m sure you did this, but double check that your MIDI I/O is properly configured inside 1.53, and delete the library I included (unless your 4000 is version 2.158). If it works in a newer version, there is no reason it shouldn’t work in 1.53.

Does your 4000 show any signs of receiving MIDI from 1.53?

I did configure it properly within Vsig. Even tried setting the MIDI ID to 1, it doesn’t really save that though, which probably doesn’t matter as it may be set to that by default. The DSP4000 doesn’t show any signs of receiving MIDi-Data. What I can do though is dump MIDI data onto Vsig, but not the internal files, because then I run out of memory. But trying to fetch data, whether it be the database or user files, doesn’t seem to do anything. Only “Awaiting reply…” and no sign of anything on the DSP4000.