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dedeman wrote:

Could you help me with a step-by-step guide on how you connect the pedal?

Well, there is a step by step guide in the H9 Control manual to connecting via Bluetooth on Windows.  


I noticed that that Startech chip is using the Blue Soleil driver.  We had another user tell us that they're selling some sort of update for that driver on their website for $30, and after installing the update, everything started working for them.  We probably should take that chip off of our list of recommended devices if that's true.  It's not reasonable to charge $30 for a new driver for a chip that only costs $20.  In any case here's a link to the relevant forum post:


I wonder what happens if you uninstall the Blue Soleil software altogether?  There is a Windows Bluetooth implementation.  Maybe, if the chip was using the Windows Bluetooth implementation instead of that Blue Soleil driver, it would work?  I would guess that might be true.  I don't think that chip would have made it onto our list of recommended Bluetooth chips otherwise.