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hayes greenfield wrote:


For my set up though I have 3 H9's that I am using with an ipad.  Is there a way to set up either a midi controller with knobs or a Factor pedal that will enable me to edit individual patches from one of the 3 H9's connected to my ipad at any given time?  I much prefer interfacing with knobs or sliders when editing a pactch then with the ipad.



Well, you could set up your 3 H9s to listen for MIDI CC messages on different channels, and you would need to get a MIDI controller that allows you to quickly and easily change the MIDI channel. I used to have a cheap MIDI keyboard with top level buttons for changing the MIDI channel. I can't imagine you'd have a hard time finding something like this that would meet your needs…


hayes greenfield wrote:


Is there a cable that can connect both to the ipad and a Factor Pedal that would enable me to edit an individual patch on one of the H9's?



You mean you want to control an H9 with a Factor pedal through the iPad?  That's not really supported.  You'd be better off just connecting your Factor pedal directly to an H9 via MIDI, but of course you couldn't quickly and easily control 3 H9s this way, only one.


hayes greenfield wrote:


Does the H9 IOS controller work in the way that when there are mutliple H9's like with my set up, which ever H9 is being accessed is the one that a midi controller of Factor pedal will control?





hayes greenfield wrote:


Lastly would a bluetooth midi controller like the nanoKontrol studio do what I need?



Well, I think the nanoKontrol studio might work. It can't connect directly to the H9; it connects to an iOS device, and you could connect it to your H9s via your iOS device. But that means you always need to have your iOS device to connect your nanoKontrol to your H9s, which may or may not be what you want.


Also, we've never tested a nanoKontrol, and I couldn't tell by looking through its manual exactly how it works. IK Multimedia has a MIDI controller that connects via Bluetooth to iOS devices, and when connected, it creates a MIDI port, that one can connect to H9 Control and send its data to the H9. I'm guessing that nanoKontrol works in the same way, but I'm not sure.


Of course another option would be to just get a normal MIDI controller that's connected to your H9s via MIDI cables.