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Sugarlou wrote:

I only have an Android phone. From what I understand those are not supported or am I mistaken?

No, we don't currently support Android.

Well, it would be preferable if you could try out connecting from Bluetooth from another device to help narrow down whether this a problem with pairing from your MacBook Pro or if this is a problem with the H9s Bluetooth chip.  If that's not possible and you want us to take a look at your H9 to see if it has a problem, you could email support@eventide.com and they'll send you what you need to send it to us. Or if you bought it recently from a store, you could also return it to them.

We occassionally hear from people who can't pair with H9s from older Mac Minis, but I can't say people have been having that problem with MacBook Pros.  The only case where people had that problem with MacBook Pros is it they weren't using the version of H9 Control built for Mac OS 10.10 and above.  There are two versions of H9 Control for Mac: one for 10.9 and below and one for 10.10 and above;  if you're not using the correct version for your OS, Bluetooth won't work, but the more recent versions of H9 Control will also warn you if you aren't using the correct version of H9 Control for your OS…