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Another approach uses BANDMIX to blend the input signal between low & high bands.  The XOVER point stays fixed; distortion is added to both the LOW-DRIVE and HIGH-DRIVE controls.  COMPRESSOR and LOW BOOST are folded in downstream, along with ‘just a touch’ of FILTER-POST cut.


At the expression pedal heel, the BANDMIX is set to LOW 99+HI 15.


Expression pedal toe is at LOW 15+HI 99.

Distortion character, and apparent pan position, are continuously variable along the expression pedal sweep [ BANDMIX ].  I left in a little ‘leakage’ from the opposing band at each pedal extreme.  A rhythmic foot (at less aggressive settings) can approach ‘harmonic tremolo’ sounds.

Glitching effects are possible:  just ‘silence’ one of the two bands.  Controlling the expression pedal mappings with an Aux Switch can really help there (instant band switching).  XOVER + BANDMIX  –  latched together via expression pedal  –  is also a dynamic combination for fine-tuning via foot control.  Lots of power here.