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Truth be known, I didn’t reference the video much before posting presets.  I went with the head configurations.  You see, the video portion didn’t come up on my tablet, and the audio implied a faster alternate picking.  Now I see that there are a lot fewer notes actually being played.

I wonder if there are individual feedback paths; one for each of the four heads?  I’ve only seen something like this in rack gear, VSTs, or the Boss SE-50 [8. Multi Delay, or 9. Multi Tap Delay].  That might explain the ‘verge of oscillation’ 16th notes that hang on.  If the heads are in series, the FilterPong algorithm might come closer.

I *think* that the delays are in parallel.  Not much routing info at Keeley to confirm that.  But – if that’s the case – then most any of the H9 delay algorithms could come into play.  One advantage here is that we’re talking about only two of the four heads (in this example).  Divide the overall delay time into 4 equal parts. Plug in 2 of those values in combinations to hit just the right pattern.  Then adjust the feedback level on each of the two delays.

That’s the theory, anyway.  The trick is that it has to be just the right delay algorithm.  There are a half dozen or more ways that feedback is configured among the H9 algos.  I just slapped together 3 or 4 examples in different delay algorithms, but none of the individual feedback configs seemed ‘just right’ to me.  Yet.