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LL and everyone else who has replied so far…thank you!! Your feedback and experiences are truly useful to me, and I hope to hear more success stories about more excellent controllers.

I absolutely understand that a long daisy chain is a bad idea, and I would definitely go for a four way splitter and run four chains of three, than risk artwork chains of six. I’d prob actually do nine max…

As far as the GCP goes….it was and prob still us my first choice so far, mainly because I owned and used the original ground control for 20 plus years. It finally fell to bits just a few years back…

But – I was taken aback by the increase in size of the Pro over the original, which had just two rows of pedals rather than three, and, much less empty real estate too,

That’s the only doubt I have about it, I know the unit already, I will have zero learning curve if I buy it…it should be a no brainer, but I am paranoid that there is something smaller and better out there.

LL thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for the Voodoo labs GCP and GCX ( I’m not even going to look at switching yet, I just want MIDI to start.

I really appreciate your comments everyone.

All the best