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Hey guys, I’m new to the H9 and very much enjoying what I’ve got going here. As far as a wishlist goes I can only think of a couple of useful things.


Feedbacker would be a great addition, with the tap control being a press and hold to generate the harmonics. Not sure how this would work unless there was an external tap switch? I’m ok with that though.

Serial Delay with a “golden ratio” algo. I ditched that little pink pedal to get the H9 and it’s something I am missing. Again with the tap to hold (not oscilate out of control) option.

Octave Fuzz like the Octavio or La Machine. Maybe a new “Factor” designation like GainFactor? Fuzzes, OD’s, Distortion, etc. 

Compressor with a blend control. Probably the single most useful feature found on higher end Compressors that are not usually found in stomp format. The Ego being an exception.

I really like the Tap and Hold features of other pedals and had quite a few of those sorts of things incorprated into my live show. Can be useful to push gain’s or analog style delays into oscillation, or pitch increase/decrease (like that old Boss blue Harmonist, except good. Lol), freeze modes or even a tap and hold flange similar to the Zero Point. I’ve got external buttons and would love to use them in that way!

Definitely not unhappy with what I’m getting out of the H9 though! It was a tough decision to make that became a very easy decision once I plugged one in.

Thanks everyone!