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Send2george2 wrote:
Thank you for your response. I can't see those options on h9 control. I can only see that it allows me to define the midi receive channel which is set to ch1. Under midi settings I have, midi receive channel, assign midi cc messages to pedal functions, program change receive map, midi clock, midi output mode, midi over Bluetooth. I am looking in the wrong place?

Some of the settings that he mentioned are available on the H9 in its system settings screen but not in H9 Control.  XMT CH and PGM XMT aren't in H9 Control.  If you check the user manual of the H9, it explains how to navigate to and adjust those settings on the H9.

We've been meaning to add support for those settings in the app, but they're used so infrequently that it's never risen to the top of our todo list.