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What is happening is this.. I THINK.

I use an analog switch for the performance switch, but I have a MIDI switch mapped, too. 

ModFactor is actually really awesome… and it behaves this way:

If I TAP the PerfSwitch.. it latches to SLOW mode and says “SLOW” on the h9. I then can TAP it and it will unlatch, and say “FAST” on the h9. (it does flash “brake” while I’m tapping.. but meh)

HOWEVER.. if I HOLD DOWN the PerfSwitch (either analog or MIDI).. it doesnt latch.. it acts like a MOMENTARY, and it says “BRAKE” on the h9. When I let up after a while.. is speeds up to the faster mode again. It doesn’t latch into SLOW mode.With this in mind. you can see that your behavior is actually normal. If the normal midi CC is a 125 pressing and 2 letting go… a “Tap” is 125 –>2 in a short time. 

That said- to have a normal Midi Performance switch.. you need a Midi CC that sends a high value when engaged and a low value when disengaged. .. in GATE mode.. not toggle.

I get totally normal behavior using my Arturia and the following MIDI settings, across all algos. “normal” being the same as my analog switch.


MODE: Switched Control

Option GATE (not toggle!)

On Value: 127

Off Value: 0


I dont know if your pedal can do Gate mode.. but it should. If it can it will fix your problems!


Hope that helps!