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Chalky wrote:
… is it possible to detune by 3 semitones to enable chords to be played on a normaly tuned guitar …. i have fiddled with most of the Pitch Factor algos but they all assume I want the dry signal left in. I believe it is possible on a Helix so I would assume that Eventide can at least match that!

I may be misunderstanding, but have you maxed out the MIX control to 100?  You’ll get varying degrees of accuracy; depending on the algorithm [H910 H949, HarModulator, PitchFlex, etc.].  Three semitones is about the limit where formanting artifacts become apparent.  The newer DigiTech pitch shift algorithms as one exception.

With Eventide’s algos, select the one that will complement what else you want to do with it [pitch glides, added modulation, intentional glitching, …].  For straight-up global retuning, I see advantages to the newer H9 algorithms, which reflect the latest code improvements.  Take PitchFuzz, as an example.  The following preset compares favorably with my DigiTech Ricochet (down to its 4 semitone limitation).

There’s a tiny processing delay added, to eliminate the dry signal.  No standard  MIX control here.

Here’s how the routing looks in the alternate view.  PITCH A is not audible, due to ARP LEVEL 99.

Another thing that makes sense to me is to use the internal Tuner whenever pitch shifting.  You’re using the same reference pitch that the pitch detecting ‘circuits’ are based on, to the best of my knowledge.